Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and answers:

Will there be a Mac or Linux version?

Not for the moment, for technical reasons. But this may be, depending on the demand.

Can you develop an editor for another synth?

Yes. But there are three things I need: To make such a proposal, please make sure these can be provided, then contact me.

Is it possible to translate the software to another language ?

The software is currently available in English and French languages.
We are not able to translate it to other languages today.
But technically it would be quite simple. If you can do it and if you want to, please get in touch with us.

How to change the language used in the software ?

The software will be in French on a French version of Windows, in English otherwise.
You may force the english language by either:

The modification of a formant sequence seems not to have any effect in real time. I still hear the original sequence.

The sequence edition cannot be performed in real time. It is a limitation of the FS1R. You need to click the dedicated button which appears back on each modification. Note that this is also needed for the Speed adjustment parameter (but not the one on the performance panel)

I cannot save my formant sequence in one of the 6 user slots of the FS1R. When I browse the FS1R sequence presets, I can only access the ROM presets.

To enable the saving of formant sequences, you have to configure the FS1R internal memory with only 64 user memory slots for voices and 6 user fseq slots (see the FS1R user manual). This setting is detected by ZeeEdit on startup but it can only be set on the hardware.

On the Formant sequence panel, do the colored buttons labelled pitch, freq and level just hide/show the tracks on the graph or do they have an effect on the FS1R?

It is only for the display on ZeeEdit, the FS1R is not aware of them.

On the formant sequence edition panel, when a sequence preset is loaded, not all the colored buttons (freq/level) are active. Why?

On sequence loading, ZeeEdit detects the unused tracks (typically with a 0 level) and hide them.