How to buy the software licence

Important note

This software license works only on the computer on which the identification was made. Changing components on your computer (like hard drive or sound card...) is not problematic, but the transfer to another computer is not allowed.

Find your 'serial' file

You will find it using the file menu.

File > Locate the serial file

WARNING: this file won't exist until you run the software at least once.

Proceed with the payment

The cost of the license for ZeeEdit-FS1R is 42. You pay via Paypal using the "Buy Now" button. There is no need to register to Paypal if you do not have an account, a card is enough.

Send the 'serial' file

Send the 'serial' using the contact form (category: "FS1R Serial").
WARNING: Use the same Email address as the one you used for Paypal. If not, specify in your message your name and the date and time of your payment in order to be identified.

Enable the software

You will receive a 'license' file by Email. You just need to copy it beside your 'serial' file, in the same directory.